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We gather here each week to free write on a single word prompt. One of my favorite parts is seeing the diversity that comes out of one word. I personally think it’s an awesome testimony to the creativity of our God.

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This week’s prompt is: STEADY

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Ready? GO.

steadySometimes I get whiplash from the violent jerk and pull of emotions in a short span of time. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on my calendar that this week I’d use the prompt, PARTY. I saw a number of reasons to celebrate scrawled in consecutive boxes: baby shower, graduation open house, church mortgage burning party.

I looked forward celebrating God’s faithfulness in each unique circumstance, His continuous love and care for His children.

Then, as the days grew closer to party weekend, unexpected news dropped like a leaky faucet. A colleague’s wife, about my age, has Stage IV cancer. She has five kids, and the vicious disease is shooting pain through her brain.

Walking through the store tonight, a text message: Another friend lost a baby in the womb. Not her first miscarriage.

A scroll through Facebook: An 11-year-old boy with blue eyes and a bright smile suddenly went unconscious. Bleeding on the brain. Six days later, he met His maker in glory, leaving parents and siblings behind.

I’m sure you could add to this list.

How can we even cope with all of the tragedy and heartache? And yet, there is rejoicing. We celebrate, and we mourn. We laugh and we grieve. We hope and we wonder.

The abrupt swing is enough to make me nauseous, except for One thing:

He is steady. 



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What comes to mind when you think of the word, STEADY?

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Happy writing!

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