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Our prompt for this week’s link-up is: TRY

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Ready? GO.

It seems everywhere I turn, there’s another new, seemingly great idea of something new to try. “Do this,” “buy that,” “use this,” “make sure you’re doing that” … and so it goes.

The temptations to do and buy and go and be are everywhere.

And of course since my current field of work revolves around social media, publishing, and digital marketing, there is always a new study or method to try, new algorithms to learn or tricks of the trade.

It can quickly become rather overwhelming, can’t it?

I often give in to the whispers to just try a little harder, push yourself further, stay up later, do one more thing. And no, not all of those things are bad in and of themselves.

But what’s my motivation?

Are my efforts coming from a pure heart that seeks to glorify God? Or am I just trying to grow numbers for clients or myself, stay on top of the latest trends, not miss the boat?

Sometimes the trying is important and necessary, but many times, I’ve discovered it’s fine to just do the best you can with what you have.

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It’s a lesson that doesn’t come naturally or easily to me, but one I’m trying to learn.



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