This week on my Heading Home blog and on social media, I had the fun privilege of finally being able to reveal my memoir’s title, cover, and release date!

In case you missed it, here she is! 

Place to Land


Isn’t she pretty? Huge props to the design team at Discovery House for the gorgeous cover.

And guess what? If you pre-order now, you’ll get the pre-order price guarantee on Amazon, which means you’ll only get charged on April 1st but you’ll pay the lowest price that the book reaches between now and then.

Place to Land


In the spirit of the book announcement, this week’s FMF prompt is: PLACE


place to land


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Ready to write? Setting my timer for five minutes, and …


One of our Five Minute Friday community members has been battling terminal cancer for quite some time. As I pray for Andrew, presuming he’s nearing his turn to cross the river, I ask God to give him a safe and secure place to land on the other side.

Then it occurs to me that if we are in Christ, God not only promises a firm, welcoming place to land — He promises to guide and direct our entire journey, even before the moment of takeoff. He tells us how fast to accelerate, when to lift off the ground and trust His wings to carry us. He tells us when it’s safe to switch over to autopilot and how to navigate safely through the storms. He buoys us in the midst of turbulence and gives us the grandest views of His glory amidst blue sky and fluffy clouds.

He navigates for us and with us, steering us in the right direction and welcoming us back on course when we veer off track.

God does so much more than promise us a safe place to land. 

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In Him, not only is my final destination secure and paid for, but my entire flight in this life has already been determined and planned.

He pilots me. 



After writing that last line, I realized the inspiration subconsciously bubbled up from this song by Josh Garrels. Since I’ve mentioned Andrew already in this post and since he likes to share music videos, I decided to follow suit. Enjoy … 


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