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This week’s prompt is: INVITE




Ready? Go.

Writing, in general, can be a very solitary effort. We sit alone with our own thoughts crowding from every side. It’s not long before we get in our own way.

Doubts encroach, insecurities swell, procrastination knocks at the door and we quickly answer it. We trip over ourselves and remain content to stay down. At least then nobody can see us.

But that’s not how God intended for us to live. He made us for community. As people crafted in His image, we were created for relationship.

Don’t go it alone. Invite others into your writing life. Take a risk. Ask a writing friend to meet for coffee. Invite someone to guest post on your blog. Attend a poetry reading at your local library and start up a conversation with someone you’ve never met.

Most of all, we must realize that we can’t do this writing thing without the Word incarnate. When we forget to invite Him and His Spirit into the process, we’ll get nowhere real fast.

Open those barred doors of your heart. It’s scary, yes. But the rewards far outweigh the fears.

A Challenge for You: 

Make a list of five people you’d like to invite to your blog, either in the form of a guest post or an interview. Then email one of the people on your list with an invitation to contribute.


What steps will you take this week to invite someone into your writing life? 

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