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This week’s FMF prompt is: BEAUTY



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Ready? GO.

Sometimes I don’t see it glowing there right next to me.

Sometimes even when I’m looking for it, scanning the scene to find it, my eyes glaze right over it, not recognizing it for what it is.

Sometimes I don’t think to look for it at all.

But when I do, I’m sure to find it everywhere.


Instagram tells me it can only be found in gourmet platters of perfectly prepared food, in fresh bouquets of flowers, in radiant sunsets.

Media tells me it looks like smooth, flawless skin, long, shiny hair, and perfectly arched eyebrows.

But that’s not all.

When I’m looking, I see it when my son gives his sister some of the candy he earned from extra credit at school when she didn’t even ask for it. I see it when the deacon at church organizes a funeral service for the elderly veteran who recently died without any relatives nearby.

I see it when my husband goes out late at night to run an errand for me. I see it when someone takes the time to text me a message of encouragement out of the blue.

I see it when God’s people pray.

It’s everywhere, if only we would open our eyes and enjoy.


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