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This week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: FLY


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Depending what time you read this, I’ll either be frantically packing last minute things in Michigan, driving three hours to the O’Hare airport in Chicago, putting my shoes back on after passing through airport security, or buckled into my aisle seat with a rectangular screen in front of my face, the hum of the jetliner’s engine playing as the soundtrack in the background.

First we’ll fly about nine hours from Chicago to Amsterdam, then ten more hours from Amsterdam to Cape Town. It’s pretty much the shortest itinerary possible to get where we want to go, and I’ve been so blessed to do it several times.

But it’s been a while. Five and a half years, in fact.

How will my kids react to the plane? Will they sleep? Will they watch movies all night, and show up to Ouma’s house cranky and exhausted?

Will we experience turbulence, or a smooth flight? Or a little of both?

As we fly into the unknown, we give thanks for modern technology that can transport us halfway around the world, into the arms of those we love.

We thank God for pilots and flight attendants and engineers who train and design and work hard to unite us with family and friends.

Yes, it will be a long trip and yes, we will be tired. But we give thanks.


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