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Book Launch Advice from a First-time Author

Book Launch Advice from a First-time Author

Are you gearing up for a book launch? Are you afraid that your online platform isn't big enough to make an impact? Before you launch your book, be sure to read these valuable lessons, advice, and encouragement from Shauna Letellier, author of Remarkable Faith: When...

Three Christian Writing Conferences for You to Consider

Three Christian Writing Conferences for You to Consider

I'll admit: before I attended my first writing conference, I wondered what all the fuss was about. I figured I was fine without one, particularly given the expense and time commitment they required. But now that I've been to a few Christian writing conferences, I'm...

Why I Love Scrivener {Video Demo Included}

Why I Love Scrivener {Video Demo Included}

Scrivener changed my life. I realize that probably sounds dramatic, but it's true. And to think that I only half paid attention to my sister's raving reviews for months before she finally just bought me the app so I could see for myself. Now that I use Scrivener for...

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