As Christian writers, we can rarely change the circumstances of others — but we can change their outlook on life.

Every day the headlines proclaim more tragedy, more bad news. Every day we wake up to more heartache and heartbreak.

It’s easy to feel defeated. To want to give up. To lose hope.

That’s where the job of the Christian writer comes in — we need to constantly hold out hope in this desperate world. We can’t control what happens in our lives. Devastation and loss may knock on our front door.

The world might take our homes, our jobs, our families — but it cannot take our hope.

By God’s sustaining grace, we can protect the hope within. 




The hope presented in the gospel, the hope of salvation, the hope of eternity with our Lord and Savior — this hope is an anchor for the soul. It is firm and secure, even in the wildest of storms.

We may feel disheveled or disgruntled by the daily onslaught of life, but we can’t leave our post.

Christian writer: Be the light. Hold the torch of hope high. 




This is Day 4 of 31 Days in the Life of the Christian Writer, written in five minutes flat in conjunction with 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.

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