Writing has changed my life. 

Mostly for the better, I hope.

It has made me more disciplined, more observant, more articulate.

It has made me more discerning, more grateful, more aware of myself and my surroundings.

Writing has sanctified me.

But make no mistake — at times, writing has also made me irritable, impatient, frustrated, and insensitive. The hours that I have sacrificed to write have impacted my family and my ability to spend time with others.

Sometimes I have made writing my idol.

More times than I can count, it has made me cry.

It has emptied me — and it has filled me up.

It has made me heave deep sighs of satisfaction and deep sighs of frustration, sometimes in the same hour.

Writing has been a lifeline.

Writing has ministered to me. It has carried me through dark times. It has been a faithful friend.

As much as I write for others, I write for myself.

As we ask God to use our writing to change others, may He also use it to change us. May He use it to mold both writer and reader into His likeness. May He use the act of writing as a way of reflecting the image of God in us.




As we near the end of this series of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, how has the Lord used the act of writing to change you?

What changes do you still want to make in your writing life? 

This is Day 26 of the series, 31 Days in the Life of a Christian Writer. Find links to the rest of the posts in this series here

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