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It’s time for our weekly blog link-up, where we write like crazy people for five minutes flat, then do something even crazier — we share our offerings with the world.

That’s right . . . We take a deep breath and bravely post our five-minute scribblings for others to read.

It’s really not about the quality — it’s about showing up. It’s about sitting down, setting the timer, and doing the work. It’s about the discipline and the practice of letting the words flow. It’s about releasing fears and embracing imperfection. And we do it together.

Since it’s still pretty close to the beginning of a new year, I thought it’s as good a time as any to: SIMPLIFY




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Ready? Let’s write!


It’s the second week of the new year, and I’ll admit: I’ve fallen hard for the “start fresh” appeal of a new calendar alive with possibilities. I’m eager to plan, prepare, fill in those blank white boxes.

I’m a doer by design, but I’m learning that doing all the time isn’t always the best way.

In fact, my family often suffers when I plan too much and overcommit.

I’m trying to remember that in many respects, my schedule is not the boss of me. To a large degree (besides the obvious work and home responsibilities), I have control over how much I commit to doing. I can say no. And I should say no more often.

So one of my prayers this year is that the Lord would show me ways I can simplify our schedule.

We don’t have to say yes to the spring sports season. We don’t have to say yes to extras here and extras there . . . We can be intentional about slowing down, about leaving margin, about enjoying room to breathe. For the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual good of all of us.

And yes, I hereby give you permission to rub this post in my face in a few months when I’m in the middle of my first book launch and on the verge of hitting complete burnout. 🙂


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