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This week’s prompt is: OTHER



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I sometimes hear the term “other” in relation to people or groups of people — usually in reference to the marginalized and oppressed.

And while these groups certainly face unique hardships and experiences that others don’t have to endure, in some sense we are all the “other.”

We were all once alienated from Christ, apart from God, dead in our sins. None of us deserved grace.

We were once all outsiders.

So now that we have been brought near through the blood of Christ, what an amazing opportunity we have to invite others in, too. To invite others to come to the table, to become part of the family of God, to experience the wonders of grace.

Instead of thinking of people in categories, let’s remember that there are really only two ways to live — with Jesus or without Him.

For those who are in Him, let’s do everything we can to extend that invitation far and wide. Throw open the gates.

There’s room at the table, and the invitation has already been extended by Christ Himself.

He says, “Come.”


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