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Today we’re talking about overcoming fear in the writing life. I’m sure you can’t relate at all, right?



Take a moment to reflect on this question and answer it honestly before the Lord:

What keeps you from sharing your story with other people?

I’m going to make the wild guess that your answer can somehow be linked back to one word: FEAR.

At least that’s the case in my experience. Whenever I talk with others about sharing their story, the most common culprit that holds them back is fear:

Fear of being ridiculed or teased

Fear of being misunderstood

Fear of being ignored

Fear of being vulnerable and exposed

Our hesitancy to share our story usually boils down to a fear of what other people will think.

Here’s the reality: We’re human. Fears are going to come. When they do, name them. Identify them. Create a plan of attack against them.

And what’s the best plan of attack for overcoming fear?

The Word of God.

When we realize we’re battling fear, the best place to turn is to the Scriptures. I’ve been amazed recently by how many times the Lord gives the direct antidote to fear in His Word. On so many occasions when He says, “Do not fear,” those words are followed with, “. . . for I am with you.”

We don’t need to fear anything in this life if we belong to Him, for He is with us. That means we also don’t have to fear what other people will think of us or our story. We can fight fear with faith in the One who wrote it, trusting that He has a plan and purpose for how He will use it to His glory.


What are your best tips and tricks for overcoming fear in the writing life? Share your answer in the comments below!


“… God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7



Fear and Faith
by Trillia Newbell

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