Welcome to Day 13 of 31 Days to Telling Your Story – a series of posts written in conjunction with 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.

Today’s prompt is: TALK

 your story


When I encourage people to tell their story, sometimes they freak out and think I’m saying they should write and publish a full-length book about their life. No! There are so many ways that we can use the stories God has given us for His glory. 

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it could be as simple as talking to a friend over coffee. Use that one-on-one opportunity to tell your friend how God has worked in your life. 

Try interjecting mentions of the Lord in your daily conversation, as I suggested in yesterday’s post. Don’t be afraid to drop verbal hints even to strangers about your love for the Lord. Sure, it will probably feel awkward for a while in the beginning, but the more you try it, the more it will seem natural. 

As you get used to sharing snippets of your story verbally with others, take a further step and seek opportunities to share in slightly larger groups, such as in a small group at church, a ladies’ Bible study, or a book club. 

Once you realize that it’s not that bad, pray about sharing your testimony to an even larger group, perhaps at a ladies coffee morning or a MOPS event. Putting yourself out there, for most people, is like going to the dentist. You dread doing it, but once it’s over you know it was good for you and you might even realize it wasn’t all that bad. 

So here’s a challenge for you for this coming week: Be intentional about seeking out an opportunity to tell part of your story, whether it’s with a friend one-on-one, to the teller at the bank, or in a slightly larger group setting. Pray for God to lead and guide you, and step out with boldness and faith that He will provide in His timing and according to His will. 

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your story


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