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Today we’re writing on the prompt, SONG. 


your song


Today I’m taking a slight detour from our regular programming to ask the following questions:

What happens if you don’t want to share your story?

What if you wish you had a different story?

What if you would give anything to change parts of your story so it would have a happier ending?

First of all, if you can relate to any of these sentiments, I want to start by saying, “Me too.”

Throughout the process of writing my memoir, A Place to Land, I would frequently tell people that this is not the story I asked for. That I would much rather have my mom here than have a book with my name on it.

But that’s not what happened. That’s not the story God gave me.

So after a fair bit of fussing about it, He finally helped me to see and rest in the truth that this is the story He gave me. This is my story, this is my song.

My job is not to hide it or argue against it or wish it away. My job is to keep loving and obeying and serving the One who wrote it, and stewarding this story to the best of my ability for His glory, not my own.

I’m guessing that the vast majority of us have at least some parts of our story that we wish we could change. (If you don’t, I want to know your secret!) 😉 That’s just the reality of living in a broken world.

But the beauty of it all is that we serve a God who takes the broken pieces and turns them into something whole. Something even more beautiful than before.

At the beginning I wrote about wishing our stories had a happier ending. Well, if you’re in Christ, your story has the happiest ending of all.

Eternity in His presence.

Embrace your story. Sing your song. 


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