Today is Day 29 of 31 Days to Telling Your Story – a series of posts written in five minutes flat as part of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge.

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Today’s prompt is: TOGETHER




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As we wrap up this series, today we’re going to pull it all together. 

What steps have you left unfinished? 

Maybe you can write more of the story you identified on Day 26, when you wrote about a specific defining moment. Perhaps you need to more fully develop your chapter summaries from Day 25.

Maybe you need more time to ponder the common threads or themes that tie your story together, as we discussed on Day 23. Have you perfected your elevator pitch from Day 24? 

Scan back through the series to see if there are posts that you missed. Refresh your memory about the primary theme that ties your story together. 

What else comes to mind that you could weave into that same theme? Are there certain Bible verses that have been meaningful to you or helped you have a deeper understanding of God in the midst of your story? 

Can you think of any more illustrations that would enhance or strengthen your story as you prepare to deliver it to an audience, whether to one person over a cup of coffee, or a number of people through a social media post? 

Take a few minutes to pray and ask the Lord to remind you of anything that would be helpful in sharing your story for His glory. 

Another tip for capturing some of these ideas is to carry a small notebook (like one of these) in your purse or your car, to have a running tab of notes saved on your phone, or to make use of these awesome AquaNotes to capture ideas in the shower (aren’t they so great?!). 



You never know when inspiration might come, so it’s best to be prepared! 😉 

What steps do you need to take today to pull your story together? 



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