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This week’s writing prompt is: MEASURE


Ready? Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO.

Just over a week ago, a friend of mine mustered up the courage to admit her need.

She shared it publicly online, humbling herself by asking for financial help from anyone who would be willing to contribute.

I shared the request in hopes that God would move hearts and wallets and provide for this dear family.

But I kept wanting to know if she had reached her goal, and how much had been raised. I kept wishing the money was getting collected on a page like GoFundMe, where the progress is visually tracked and the amount collected can be seen and measured.

I wanted to know. I wanted to see for myself.

But eventually I had to shut down my computer and come to terms with the fact that this information was not mine to know. It was not my metric to measure whether or not the Lord provided “enough.”

Because He always does, in His own way and His own timing, whether others see it or not.

It’s not mine to measure. It’s mine to trust in the faithful character of my unchanging God.



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