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This week’s writing prompt is: OFFER

Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO.

So this week marks exactly one year since my memoir, A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging, released.

In many ways, it’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed already! And yet, so much has happened since then, that I suppose it really must be a full year.

For those of you who have written and published books, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the past year has included quite the rollercoaster of emotions.

I am so, so grateful for the opportunity to have written and completed this book — but it did not come without cost.

Cost to my family, cost to my relationships, cost to me financially and physically, and more.

Was it worth it?

Yes, I have to believe that it was — especially when God gives me such gracious glimpses of how He has used the book in readers’ lives.

And His gracious reminders always come when I need them most — usually right when I’m wallowing in self-pity or feeling sorry for myself over the lack of sales or lack of opportunities to get my book into more hands . . . He sends me an email or a Facebook message from a reader who tells me that they have been impacted for good.

And all I can say is praise God.

For a book’s release is just that . . . a releasing of this humble offering into the world, for God to do with it whatever He sees fit, whenever and wherever He decides to do so.

It’s my honor and privilege to do my part by giving of myself in this small way, then offering it up to Him.

It’s the least I can do.



To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of A Place to Land,
I’m offering signed copies for just $8 (plus shipping)
to anyone who purchases from the FMF shop by April 15th.
U.S. mailing addresses only.


a place to land


Oh, and one more thing before you go . . . I made something else for you! 🙂

I’ve been working for a while on this new (free) resource for writers:

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Hope it’s helpful to you!

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