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This past week we celebrated our youngest child’s 12th birthday. Obviously, that means it’s been twelve whole years since I had a baby. Where did the years go? Soon we’ll have three teenagers in the house, and before I know it, they’ll all be gone. 

This past year was especially significant for our newly minted 12-year-old because he made the decision to make a public profession of faith and get baptized. 

During the entire service, I could not help but think, “My job here is done. My ultimate desire is to see my children walking in the truth, and God has given me that undeserved gift.” 



My mom holding Caleb in Cape Town three months after he was born



When he was born, we named him Caleb Aobakwe. We chose the name Caleb after the Caleb of the Bible, who “served the Lord wholeheartedly,” and we prayed that God would cause our Caleb to do the same. Aobakwe is a Setswana name from my husband’s South African culture. It means, “the Lord be praised.” We praise God alone for the work He has done and continues to do in our son’s life. 

During his baptism service, our pastor preached such a special sermon about many of the positive, godly qualities possessed by Caleb in the Old Testament. We can already see so many of those qualities in our Caleb by God’s grace, and we can only pray and trust that the Lord would continue to mold him as one who serves the Lord with his whole heart all of his days. 


Read more about Caleb’s birth and our family story in
A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging. A Place to Land


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