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FMF Writing Prompt Link-up :: Goal

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This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: GOAL



Ready? GO. 

A couple of weeks ago I made the mistake of asking my youngest son to hold me accountable with exercising more often this summer. Of all three of my kids, he has the most discipline and self-control. 

Our goal has been to jog for two miles at least three times a week. 

The first day I thought was going to die. 

The second day was worse. 

But my son graciously and gently continues to spur me on. When I tell him I have to stop and walk at the next fire hydrant, he says, “How about the next tree after the fire hydrant?” So we run to the tree.

When I tell him I’m going to walk until we reach the black mailbox, he says, “How about the telephone pole before the mailbox?” I groan, but we start jogging again at the telephone pole. 

When I tell him he’s practically walking next to me because I run so slow, he says, “It’s okay . . . you’re just getting started. You already dropped two minutes off your time since last week . . . just think what you’ll be doing next week!” 

If not for my son’s presence and constant encouragement, I would have given up long ago. In fact, I may not have gotten out of bed at all. But he spurs me on, like a brother in Christ with his eyes on the prize. 

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 3:14, NIV



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Kate Motaung

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  • My Goal: Is to rely on God.Is to pit my faith in the Lord and remember we are not God's children only on Sunfsus.As I make an effect to slow down I will be able to hear God's messages more clearly at home, in the car,act with compassion,be loving and kind.and put others before my self. I am learning to slow down and enjoy life can seem over whelming to me, up with a few small changes I can live that simple lifestyle by putting God and family frist.Live a simple existence surround by family. I want my day to day life to dependent on my faith in God and strive to incorporate love and Grace in everything I do. My goals are to take time an enjoy, my new motto is less is more, Be mote giving,Good old-fashion hardwork, Learn to ssyvno, connect with nature,choose wuiet, Thessalonian 3:12, take a walk, pick up a book,make home made meals, make homemade gifts,practice gratitude,establish peace,exercises of some kind yoga,learn to meditation,reject all noise, live on less,see your own clothes,conserve your own energy,becmodest.

  • Oh my! I so admire you! I HATE exercising and look for every excuse to not do it! How wonderful to have some one who loves you hold you accountable! It is a nice parallel with our Christian life isn’t it?

  • I no longer have a goal,
    and no longer see a prize.
    I'm in this last sad fighting-hole,
    the final night before my eyes.
    I've fought the Beast through endless days,
    dusk to dawn and earth to sky.
    and I have sorely learned the ways
    of pain that come, ere I die.
    But look ye not for flaccid flag
    of surrender, flying here;
    upon this bloody rocky crag,
    though to no purpose, I'll sell it dear.
    I cannot kneel, much less stand,
    but I'll yet face Death with sword in hand.

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