Welcome to Day 7 in the series, 31 Days of Writing Tips, written in conjunction with the 2019 edition of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. Each of the posts in this series has been written in five minutes flat based on a one-word prompt.

Today’s writing prompt is: SAME

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Several years ago, I received an email from a blogging acquaintance asking, “Want to record a video with me?”

This was before live video was such a big deal on social media, and at the time I absolutely cringed at the thought of recording a video of myself. I crafted a response in my mind, politely turning down the kind and thoughtful invitation. But when my fingers went to type my reply, I ended up finding myself agreeing to do it anyway.

Through our conversation, this blogger and I ended up striking a friendship that has become such a blessing in my life. It started out online, but we’ve since been able to meet in person on three different occasions, despite the fact that we live about five hours from each other. Our families have met, and we’ve been able to collaborate on a number of kingdom projects.

In fact, there are times when this friend of mine and I have laughed over how similarly we think about different things. We definitely have different skill sets and strengths, but we’re very likeminded. Having a friend like this who understands the online world—especially from a Christian perspective—has been such a gift to me. She just “gets it” in ways that other people don’t understand, largely because we’ve shared similar experiences in our work and ministry lives.

I didn’t go looking for a friend like this, but God was gracious to bring her to me— and I almost missed my opportunity by wanting to say “no thanks” to the initial video invitation.

Looking back, who has God brought into your life to link arms with you in your writing ministry?

Do you know someone with the same goals and vision, or who is in the same stage of the writing life?

If you don’t have many likeminded friends, I encourage you to join some groups where you might be able to find individuals to walk this journey with you. Whether you find an in-person group in your area or a group online, the Lord can use those relationships for great good and for His glory.



The Start-Up Guide for Online Christian Writers includes links to a number of Facebook groups and membership sites that might have likeminded writers with whom you can join forces as you seek to serve one another.start-up guide



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