Our writing prompt for Day 27 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is: BETTER

Every day this month I’ve been sharing writing tips written in five minutes flat based on a one-word prompt. Read more posts in this series HERE.



I’ll be honest: revisions are not my favorite.

I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism from editors and writing friends, but I don’t love the effort and energy that goes into revising writing that has already been done.

By that stage I usually feel as if I’ve put as much energy as I can muster into that particular project, and to go back and say it in a different way requires some major brain work on my part.

BUT . . . When I can get myself to dig deep and put in the time, sweat, and tears, I am always grateful that I did. The input I have received from editors and peers has only made my work better.

As Christian writers in particular, I believe we should pursue excellence. Not only does the pursuit of excellence reflect well on the name of Christ, it also makes for a strong testimony and gives glory to God when we do our best with the gifts He has given.

So . . . If you take my advice from yesterday’s post and ask for constructive criticism, be ready to make significant changes. Don’t take it personally; we can all improve and do better. Suggested changes are not a reflection on your ability, but an opportunity to refine your work to make it the best it can be to the glory of God.

So don’t resist the changes; embrace them and be grateful for the opportunity to improve.




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