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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: SETTLE




How do you know when it’s time to settle?

This question could be applied in any number of ways — wondering how you know when you’ve found the person you should marry, or when to settle down in a particular location in the world, when and where to buy a house . . . or even when to settle for “good enough” on a project or task you’ve been working on.

In my memoir, A Place to Land, I wrote a lot about home and feeling unsettled. We moved ten times in ten years from rental to rental. Now we’ve lived in the same rental for almost seven years . . . quite a bit longer than we anticipated, to be honest — but do I feel settled here, in this borrowed house?

And what about my work? If, as Christians, we are to pursue excellence as part of our witness and testimony, how do we know when our work is “good enough”?

To what length or degree should we keep striving, keep trying, keep pushing harder to do more and be better and improve our craft?

I believe it’s good and honorable to want to do our best for the sake of Christ and the gospel — but we can never forget that He is the only One who ever was or ever will be “good enough.”

We will never measure up unless we are hidden in Him. He is our strength, He is our goodness, He is the only way we can be accepted or made righteous in the eyes of God. And He is the One who will give us an everlasting place to settle–and it will be perfect, and it will be home.



A Place to Land




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