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This year that means we will NOT have regular link-ups on December 27 or January 3.

We WILL have a link-up on December 20th, our last of 2019, then we will kick off 2020 with a link-up on January 10th.


This week’s writing prompt is: RUSH



Ready? GO. 

This past Thanksgiving break was unusually quiet for us. Going into the weekend, I was feeling a bit down about our lack of plans, but it turned out to be such a gift. We slept in four days in a row, played board games, ate good food, and watched movies.

I even started a jigsaw puzzle.

Who am I? 

When my husband came into the living room and saw the pieces spread across the table, he said, “You’re doing a puzzle?!”

Even my kids were confused. “Why are you doing that?” 

I realized it was because I was trying to force myself to do nothing. Needless to say, I’m not great at relaxing.

Now Thanksgiving break is over, everyone is back to school or work, and the puzzle has been left unfinished on the coffee table.

This afternoon I’m going straight from work to the grocery store, then to my son’s basketball game, then to deliver poinsettias to people who purchased plants for a school fundraiser, then hopefully home in time to eat really fast so we can turn around and drive back into town to hear our friends sing in a free performance of The Messiah.

All in the span of about three hours.

Just thinking about all the places I have to be in such a short amount of time makes me wish I could curl up in a blanket and keep working on my puzzle.



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