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This week’s writing prompt is: TALENT

What comes to mind? Set a timer for five minutes and start writing!



Ready? GO. 

This week my 14-year-old daughter and I got to see a live performance of Hamilton.

We were blessed to get discounted group tickets from a friend a few months ago, and gifted them to my daughter for Christmas. We’ve been counting down for more than a month to be in the room where it happens. She planned her whole outfit weeks in advance, including her Hamilton t-shirt and necklace. She made herself a Hamilton bracelet and ordered Hamilton earrings for the occasion. We went all out.

The performance was incredible, as expected. It certainly did not disappoint.

I find it absolutely remarkable that anyone could have so much talent to write not only the song lyrics for such a phenomenal production, but the score as well.

The combined talent represented on stage was beyond inspiring.

But one of my favorite things about watching Hamilton with my daughter was that she could see herself represented on the stage. Besides the movie Black Panther, she does not get to see people of color forming the majority of a cast — whether on the page, stage, or screen. For her to watch such incredibly talented individuals with skin that matches hers using their God-given gifts in positive, inspirational ways — it was worth every penny we spent on the tickets.



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