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This week’s writing prompt is: EXPERIENCE





I used to be a lot more sentimental about material things than I am now. Maybe it comes with age. Maybe I’ve changed after a few international moves, and discovering what a pain it is to either haul stuff back and forth or keep it in storage on the other side of the world.

Either way, I am less attached to my belongings than I used to be.

Since this shift has taken place gradually over time, I’ve also changed the way I view birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays or occasions that may involve gift-giving.

While I still appreciate any gift I am given, I’ve learned that gifts involving experiences can be just as meaningful if not more so than a material gift.

I’m still thinking about my experience going to see a live performance of the musical, Hamilton, with my daughter last week. It’s an experience that neither of us will quickly forget.

And while we don’t have any tangible souvenirs or mementos to display, we do have wonderful memories (and a few before and after photographs as well).

What about you? Do you prefer receiving material gifts, or gifts you can experience, like an outing with someone special or tickets to an anticipated event?



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