Looking for a fun, free writing challenge?

If you’re ready to gain some accountability and motivation in your writing life, this is for you:

Join me for a free 10-Day Writing Prompt Challenge! 


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to join the challenge!



From March 2-12, 2020, I will provide a one-word writing prompt each day. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get the full list of ten prompts included in the challenge delivered to your inbox. Starting March 2nd, 2020, you’ll also receive an email every morning at 6am EST for ten consecutive days with a reminder of that day’s prompt.

The challenge is to freewrite for five minutes each day. Of course you’re welcome to write for more than five minutes, but in order to make the challenge accessible to more people, I’ve set the goal at five minutes.

You can choose to write by hand or type on a computer or other device. There is no obligation to post your writing publicly. Of course you could post it on your blog if you have one, or on a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram – but that step is not required to participate in the challenge. The goal is to WRITE! 🙂

If you plan to share your writing on social media, you can use the hashtag #10daywritingchallenge

The hope is that by writing for just five minutes every day for 10 consecutive days, you’ll be motivated to continue your newly developed writing routine long after the challenge is over.

The writing prompts used in this challenge are the first ten prompts found in The 90-Day Writing Prompt Journal – a resource published by Five Minute Friday.


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If you’d like to use the journal for the challenge and beyond (it includes a total of 90 prompts), you can order it on Amazon here:

Click here to purchase The 90-Day Writing Prompt Journal on Amazon

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Purchase of the journal is optional. Participation in the 10-Day Writing Prompt Challenge is free; no purchase necessary. 



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