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This week’s writing prompt is: RISK




I’m taking my kids skiing tomorrow for the second time in a month. They have the day off from school, and one of the moms organized a ridiculously cheap group rate at a place just over two hours away.

When I took them last month, it was my first time skiing in twenty years. I was spoiled to have grown up downhill skiing with my dad all over the place — Michigan, Vermont, Colorado, California, Utah . . . but that was in a previous life.

Before we went I expressed my apprehension to my daughter. She said, “Don’t worry, Mom, it’s just like riding a bike.” I wasn’t worried about not remembering how to ski . . . I was worried my aging body would hate me! I told her, “I’ll probably break a hip by 2 o’clock.” To which she replied, “It’s okay, I’ll just get a ride home.”

We ended up having such a great time, and I didn’t even injure myself! 🙂

When the deadline approached to sign up for this month’s discounted trip, I wondered if I should go again. Did I push my luck last time? What if someone gets hurt, skis into a tree, or falls off the lift? What if the weather is bad? I hate driving in the snow.

I decided to take the risk and sign up anyway. Too often, I let my fears of what might happen keep me from saying yes.

I can often do the same thing with my writing . . . I let my fear of what might happen keep me from doing it at all.

As I preach to myself, I’ll say the same to you: Resist the fear. Take the risk. Say yes to skiing. Say yes to writing.


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