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Our writing prompt is: TABLE



Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO. 


If this table could talk, oh, the stories it would tell.

Stories of the elaborate dining room in the big blue house on Lakeshore Drive, and the last day my dad ever ate there.

Stories of moving to the tiny pumphouse, family members shimmying into the high-back chairs with just enough space between the piano on the left, the china cabinet on the right, and the living room wall pressed up against the far end. Singing “Happy Birthday,” and blowing out candles and eating cake with vanilla ice cream.

Stories of spilled nail polish remover and spilled tears. Of wedding plans and funeral plans. Of board games and belly laughs and broken hearts.

Stories of the house on Eighth Street, of homework and college applications and overseas travel plans. Of the condo where Mom would write one last card and bake chocolate chip cookies one more time before being wheeled out to a Hospice facility, never to return.

Stories of a dark storage garage for more months than expected, and then a church parsonage and now instead of children doing homework, it’s grandchildren spilling drinks, rolling dice, writing essays, growing up.





The words used for the 10-Day Writing Prompt Challenge are the first ten prompts
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