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In spite of all the rapid changes and uncertainties of recent weeks because of the global pandemic, we’re still here by God’s grace with another weekly writing prompt.

I pray that you are physically and spiritually healthy, and that you are leaning on the Lord and His strength during this trying time.

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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: ADJUST




We are all learning to adjust.

We adjust to new schedules, new routines, new restrictions on our freedom.

We adjust to closer proximity with our immediate household, and further proximity from everyone else.

We adjust to online classrooms, worship services, Zumba sessions, and prayer meetings.

We adjust to that hollow pit of unnamed feelings, not easily discerned. Perhaps fear. Or grief. Or loneliness.

We adjust to different sleep schedules, to new recipes, to closed windows and doors.

We adjust to news reports and death tolls, to loud warnings and quiet prayers.

We adjust to idols knocked off their man-made pedestals and an ever-present God waiting to fill the void.

We adjust one way and may someday adjust back, and may we never go back to the way it was before, when we took our lives for granted and pretended we were in control.




Blessings to you in this coming week, friends! May the Lord continue to be your rock and your strength, now and always. He is faithful to keep His promises.


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