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This week’s FMF Writing Prompt is: RESPECT





As I mentioned in last week’s FMF post, it was my daughter’s 15th birthday this past weekend. Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, and largely because of COVID-19, we did not have many plans for the day besides church.

I cooked some of her favorite foods for lunch, but after lunch I was feeling badly that we weren’t doing anything fun to celebrate her special day. It was a hot, sunny day and since we live only about four miles from Lake Michigan, I suggested that we go to the beach. The boys decided to stay home, so it was a girls outing. Just me and the birthday girl.

When we arrived at the beach and got out of the car, I noticed that the wind was much stronger than it had been at our house. It only occurred to me then that I hadn’t checked my weather app for any beach hazard statements. I opened my app and sure enough, there it was: the warning about high waves, strong rip current activity, and dangerous water conditions.

My heart sank.

The beach was full and there was very little dry sand as it was, since the water levels have been so high this year. It was too hot and crowded to just sit in the sun without being able to go in the water to cool off.

My mind went straight to the recent newspaper headlines from previous weeks this summer. Far too many drownings already. A six-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy on the same day. A 14-year-old boy. Others.

I couldn’t risk it.

We had to respect the power of the waves, and ultimately, the power of the One who created them.





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