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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: RIGHT





After several months of discussion, prayer, and weighing options, my husband and I decided to transition back to homeschooling our kids this coming year. It was a difficult decision — I truly believe there are pros and cons to every option.

We are not new to homeschooling, but it has been a few years since we’ve taken this approach and I’ve never homeschooled at the high school level before [insert nervous emoji here].

Even after finally making the decision to go for it, there are now *so* many more decisions about which classes to do, which curriculum to use, which co-ops to consider, which extracurriculars to enroll in, and so on and so on.

To be honest I’ve felt quite overwhelmed by all the choices, worried and wondering, “What if I don’t make the right decision?”

But in those moments I’ve had to remind myself that whatever choice I make will be the Lord’s will for my family, and I can trust Him to do only what is best for our spiritual growth and relationships with Him.

Decisions have to be made every day — some bigger, some smaller.

Ultimately, those of us who know and love God just pray and trust the Lord and do the best we can with His grace and help, right?

Let’s remember together that He knows all, and He cares for us more than we can fathom.




the next right thing

The Next Right Thing
by Emily P. Freeman

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