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We’ve all felt it this year, in one way or another.


Some of us have lost loved ones. I know of three different people who lost family members within the past week.

Some of us have lost jobs. Most of us have lost opportunities, planned experiences, and a sense of normalcy.

Some of us have lost hope.

We’ve grieved the loss of gathering for weddings, graduations, births, and funerals. We’ve felt the pang of isolation, the fear of uncertainty, the heartsick feeling of deferred hope.

Sometimes the grief is recognizable; other times it is sneaky an indiscernible, masked and hidden behind other feelings and emotions.

Sometimes we try to ignore it, push it aside, hide it away. But it’s good to name it. To give it the space it demands. To let it show its face and do what it came to do. To serve its purpose, whatever that may be on any given day.

Grief can be necessary for us to grow, to heal, and to appreciate hope in the promised life to come.

I may never learn to embrace it and I certainly don’t enjoy its presence, but I acknowledge its purpose and trust the Lord to use even grief to accomplish His work in our lives.



The holiday season can bring about a sense of grief more acute than other times of the year.

If you or someone you know is familiar with grief, I wrote this for you:




My prayer is that this little book will help those who are struggling with grief to find words
to process, express, and reflect upon the countless emotions wrapped up in the grief experience.


Includes lined pages for journaling and reflection. Makes a great gift!

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