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This past week, we had our first ever FMF Fellowship on Zoom and it was so much fun! I’m so glad Sarah Geringer took this screenshot, because I totally forgot:


five minute friday


We had about 35 people attend from all over the US, plus a few from countries in Europe and one from Australia! Hoping to offer something similar again in the future.


This week’s FMF writing prompt is: FIX




Over the past couple of months, we’ve been slowly working our way through a list of house projects — mostly painting rooms, but also tasks like hanging new curtain rods, changing light switches . . . that sort of thing.

I confess that before a few months ago, I wasn’t entirely sure how to properly use a drill. Embarrassing, I know. My husband graciously showed me what to do, and now I’m hooked. (Okay, I did take a good chunk out of my finger on one unwieldy occasion, but I recovered and overcame the trauma enough to pick up the drill again.)

I’ve been surprised by how satisfying it feels to fix something. To drill a hole and make something work. To build a structure that didn’t exist before.

Then I realized that this, too, is part of what it means to bear the image of God. He is the ultimate Creator, the ultimate restorer, the ultimate fixer of all broken things. He is the only one who can truly build, heal, and make whole.

Yet He gives us opportunities to reflect His image, His character, His qualities in what He enables us to create. Including the use of our words.

Consider the poem that Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman wrote and read at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony this past week.

Was it not a reflection of the image of God, using the power of words created by the Word made flesh to promote healing and restoration among the broken?




In other news . . .

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