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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: POSSIBLE




Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO: 

My teenage son is planning his first garden this year, and I think I may be more excited than he is. We made a list of plants we’d like to try to grow, including a mix of vegetables and a few different flowers. I’m utterly clueless about how to successfully plant vegetables from seed and reap a harvest in the end, but I’m eager to learn and watch him figure it out.

Mostly, though, I’m fascinated by the wonder of a tiny seed holding so much potential. So much possibility in such a small speck. To think that one seed will eventually become something edible that can feed and nourish my family is astounding to me. I’m so eager to watch the transformation and growth.

It makes me think of the wonder of our spiritual lives, how the Lord can take faith as small as a mustard seed and use it to uproot trees and move mountains (Luke 17:6, Matthew 17:20).

May we not underestimate something because it is small or slow to grow; instead, may we see the potential and possibility that it can possess, and trust the Lord to fulfill its purposes in His time.






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