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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: SAVOR





I forgot how much I love spring. Maybe I’m feeling it even more this year after the past winter we’ve had, boarded up in the house and isolated from other people. Whatever it is, the warmer temperatures, more frequent sunshine, and budding plants and flowers are filling me with hope. Hope and joy.

I’ve been watching the daffodil stems emerge from the soil and each day they’re taller. The blooms started to form but all I could see was the outer green covering, hiding the flower inside.

I heard raindrops last night and wondered if it was the boost the flowers needed.

This morning as my daughter opened the curtains she said, “The daffodils bloomed!” Then she laughed: “Your eyebrows just shot up when I said that! Why are you so excited?”

I hurried to the window to see for myself: Sure enough, bright yellow bursts of color crowning each green stem.

The sky was gray today, leftover melancholy from last night’s rain, and the air was not as warm as it has been in recent days . . . but the flowers are blooming.

Even in the midst of the gray and chill, I’m going to savor the blooms, savor the bursts of color, savor the signs of life.





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