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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: RECOVER




Setting a timer for five minutes, and . . . GO.

A member of the Five Minute Friday community was in a terrible car accident a few weeks ago on Mother’s Day, and I just heard about it this week.

A post she shared online relayed the extent of her injuries, and they were severe. She has a long recovery journey ahead.

I keep thinking about how thankful I am that the Lord spared her life, and how fragile we are as human beings. How quickly things can change. How long it will take to recover.

After hearing about her accident, I heard of two other friends who both lost their dads this past week . . . one in Michigan and one on the East Coast. My heart hurts for them. The loss of a parent is life-altering, and they will never fully recover from such a loss.

As my heart has been aching for these friends enduring such hardship and trials, I keep thinking about the fragility of life, the temporal nature of it, and how we never know what tomorrow might bring.

Some things we may recover from in this lifetime . . . some things we may not.

Even in the past year, some of us have recovered from COVID . . . and too many have not.

And yet, those of us who are in Christ can still cling to the eternal hope that is promised to all who are held in Him. The hope that one day, we will be healed from all of our infirmities – physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual – because of what Christ has done on the cross and through His resurrection power.

So even though we may not experience full recovery here, it is coming soon . . . and so much more.






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