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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: ORDER




Ready? Go. 

It amazes me how kids raised in the same household can end up so different from each other.

One of my kids is a morning person, another is a night owl.

One is a planner, another is a procrastinator.

One likes structure and order and hates changes to the plan; another is spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment and loves surprises.

I can see components of my husband and myself in each one of them . . . ways our own personalities, habits, and expectations have influenced and shaped them.

For my child (ahem, teenager, since they’re all teens now . . . gasp!) who loves structure and a firm plan, I desperately try to satisfy his desire for order. But as much as I try, the plan so often changes, often apart from my ability to do anything about it.

Sometimes I’ve encouraged him to be more flexible and try to adapt when plans change, but I’ve also been reminded that our God is a God of order. Morning always comes after the night. Tuesday always comes after Monday. Summer always comes after spring.

While we may not be able to see the future or anticipate the bends in the road, our God is a faithful God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.





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