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I asked the FMF community on Facebook and Instagram what words you would like to write on this summer, and a few of you suggested this one, so here we go! 😉


This week’s FMF writing prompt is: DANGER



Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO: 

A few times in my life so far (thankfully only a few, by God’s grace and mercy), I have had reason to believe that a loved one was in imminent danger.

Let me tell you, those occasions were some of the most terrifying moments of my life.

By God’s grace, in each instance my loved ones turned out to be unharmed . . . but that period of uncertainty feels unbearable.

Only in hindsight do I realize that they were never outside of God’s grip or sight.

As the song, “In Christ Alone,” rightfully proclaims:

No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand

Even in moments of perceived danger, each one of God’s children are safe in His hands. That doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen to believers. Anyone who has lived for any length of time knows that’s true.

But it does mean that “neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38b-39). 


May the Lord strengthen our faith and give us a deep sense of assurance and certainty that even if something bad or unpleasant happens to us or one of our loved ones during this lifetime, nobody and nothing can snatch us from the palm of His hand, where we will be secure in His loving presence for all eternity, because of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord.







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Kate Motaung

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  • Quick death has not been a stranger,
    though that may sound quite the shock,
    but I am a threat to danger
    for I'm dumber than a rock.
    That at least is what they tell me,
    mates and wife and colleagues too,
    for it's they that rub their eyes and see
    the stuff that I must do
    that will banish dull grey boredom,
    tell ennui to take a hike,
    take me to that 'Jackass' stardom,
    and make Simon drop the mike
    when all the judges I impress
    on AGT, with sheer madness.

  • I love how you connect the verse from In Christ Alone with the passage from Romans. These things are absolutely true! May I remember them the next time I'm tempted to fret about a loved one. It's especially challenging as my teens grow into young adults and stretch their wings!

  • Always be ready for what God has in store for you! He will NOT put us in a place where we are beyond the reach of His loving arms!

  • I love the power of prayer and the truth that nothing can separate us from God's love.

  • Love your wisdom here Kate (as always)! We may not always see it in the moment of distress but God is with us through it all as you remind us today!

  • Kate, thank for these comforting words. I appreciate the song and the Scripture reference and how you tied them together. Blessings.

  • What a great hymn! And what a great promise. Thank you, Kate. Nobody said it was easy, but in Christ there is hope and every good and perfect gift of Grace.

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