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Hey hey! It’s my favorite time of the week . . . writing time!

If you’re new to the Five Minute Friday link-up, a special welcome to you! Each week we gather around a single word prompt, write our hearts out for five minutes flat, then share our work (if you want) and encourage one another. It’s so much fun!

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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: STIR



Have you ever had an experience when someone made a comment or asked a question that stirred an idea or some inspiration in your mind and heart?

This happened recently for me, quite unintentionally by the person who asked the question. The other person was actually asking for help and advice, and the inquiry made me think of something I hadn’t thought about for a very long time. Something that could develop into a larger project that may bless others, Lord willing.

Perhaps for you it has come through a song, a Scripture verse, a book, or a visit to a particular place. Whatever the case, I believe the Lord uses these experiences to stir in us a desire to do something meaningful and good for His glory.

What has the Lord stirred in you recently? What conversations has He used to bring something to mind that you haven’t thought about for a while? How might you use this in your writing life?

If you feel like you’ve been lacking inspiration lately, you might consider what Julia Cameron calls an “Artist Date” — a time when you go somewhere by yourself for the express purpose of being inspired. Perhaps you could visit a museum, a beach, a forest, a bookstore, an art gallery . . . whatever it is that stirs hope and joy in your soul.

Sit in the quiet and listen for Him to speak.





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  • Stir the pot and shake the kettle,
    swish about the frying pan,
    show the world you have the mettle
    to boogie with the Great I Am.
    Put tequila in the blender,
    feed in mango by the slice,
    add pineapple if it's tender,
    and your drink is mighty nice.
    Let God's guidance be your passion,
    let the Gospel be your heart,
    and let Stussy be your fashion
    if of the 80s you were part,
    but there's no fault in looking lame
    if you're playing God's own game.

  • I love The Artist Way and am an avid believer in the Artist Date and Morning Pages. My life as a writer changed once I started incorporating these practices into my life :)

  • Our Pastor in her Pentecost sermon said that the Disciples were given the ability to speak the language of the world and that we should speak it too. It inspired me to begin to work on a devotional I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I’m hoping my storytelling will speak someone’s language and bring them closer to God.

  • The Artist's Way was transformative to aspects of my life and hugely beneficial. I found the artist's dates hard to prioritise, but I appreciate the reminder and may revisit them.

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