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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: GUESS




When my youngest son was six or seven, he got a betta fish as a pet. Whenever a visitor came over and asked him the fish’s name, he said, “Guess.”

The visitor usually said, “I don’t know. What is its name?”

When my youngest son was six or seven, he got a betta fish as a pet. Whenever a visitor asked him the fish’s name, he said, “Guess.”

This usually led the visitor to say, “I don’t know. What is its name?”


“Umm . . . Charlie? Spot? Fishie?”

“No, Guess.”

Of course we all got a kick out of the game. Yes, the fish’s name was Guess. My son was telling his friends the fish’s name the whole time, but they didn’t get it.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m the visitor in this life, as if I’m asking the Lord for direction and the answers are right in front of my face, but I miss it. Of course, God isn’t playing coy games with me like my son did with his visitors and his fish. But I still wonder if sometimes God is repeating the answer to my questions over and over, and I’m still asking Him to show me, to tell me, to reveal the knowledge and wisdom and discernment I’m seeking.

His Word says He gives us everything we need for life and godliness. Everything we need. Sure, our eyes may be clouded or even blinded at times to see the truth, but it’s not because God has not been gracious to provide. His provision is right in front of our faces.

May He give us the vision to see His will and the obedience to follow it.



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