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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: TWENTY



Setting a timer for five minutes, and . . . GO. 

This past week marked twenty years since my initial arrival in Cape Town, South Africa. TWENTY YEARS! I posted the following on Instagram to mark the occasion:

Two decades ago, I left my home in West Michigan to travel alone across the Atlantic for what I thought would be a semester overseas.

I was fresh out of Bible college a month away from my 21st birthday, and I thought I was going to teach students in Africa about the Bible. Instead, the country of South Africa and her people taught me more than I ever thought possible and left an indelible mark on my soul.

In the 10+ years I lived in Cape Town I laughed hard, cried hard, climbed mountains, passed through valleys, and everything in between.


I made countless mistakes and have just as many regrets, but I also received countless expressions of grace, love, welcome, and forgiveness.



I thought I was going there to give, but instead I was given more than my heart can hold.



And if you don’t believe me that it’s been twenty years, yes, that is an actual camcorder in my hand in the next photo. As you can see, I thought I was the coolest.






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Kate Motaung

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  • I recognized The Table instantly. Thanks for that memory!

    Twenty years have come and gone
    since the day we said I Do,
    but it doesn't seem so long
    even with all we've been through.
    Illness and a bankruptcy,
    car wreck like a NASCAR tweet,
    people who say they can't see
    why we'd marry, even meet!
    But the Lord God has a plan,
    and it's far worse than we had feared,
    to match a woman to a man
    in union that is just plain weird,
    improbable and strange conjunctions
    but for the fact, that yeah, it functions.

  • When God interrupts our plans things always exceed anything that we could have thought or dreamed.

  • How wonderful! I'm sure you made a difference to the community you live in!

  • Love the photos and the story of you in your twenties! Fond memories of those years for me too! Probably the best decade of my life thus far. I peaked then I think! :) Happy Friday! Have a good weekend Kate.
    Jennifer K Cook

    • Jennifer, your Granaries of the Canyon video is really cool!

      Couldn't find a way to like or comment, so I'll do it here. Hope no-one minds.

      I stood at the Canyon Grand,
      a sight one shouldn't miss,
      and there I came to understand,
      "Someone's fired for this."
      Sometimes with a backhoe
      you can go too far,
      and voila!, before you know
      it, there's a giant scar
      when more than the overburden
      has been scraped away,
      and I am thus quite really certain
      that what we see today
      shows that diligence, as such,
      can sometimes be just too darn much.

  • Thanks for sharing your pictures! I've enjoyed reading "A Place to Land," and this was a fun reminder of your wonderful God story!

  • Lovely to see the photos of what sounds like a real adventure. Thank you for sharing them.

  • I love seeing these photos! Your smile full of hope and adventure. You were so brave! I’m guessing you still are! God took me to WV to meet my husband. Pretty sure I’d still be single if mine awaited me in South Africa! (I am not brave!😉)

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