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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: PROPOSE




the other day

i said to my husband


let’s take the day off on friday

and go to the beach

the kids are busy

we’ll have the whole day

with nothing to do

but sit in the sun

with our feet in the sand

and watch the waves

crash against the shore

and feel the breeze

on our face

and think about everything and nothing

all at once.


he said

so we’ll pack up the car

with chairs and towels and sunscreen

and snacks, of course

and we’ll drive west to the lake

where we can’t see across

to wisconsin

and sit.

no work

no agenda

no cares in the world

just me and him

him and me

on a beach.

maybe we’ll talk

maybe we’ll laugh

maybe we’ll argue

maybe we won’t

but it will be a day off

a change of pace

to reset


recoup what’s been lost

in the flurry

of busyness

of life.

i propose

i said

that we forget about work

and sit on the beach

on a friday in july

while summer’s still here

before it passes us by

like the others.

a whole day

with nothing to do

but sit in the sun in the sand.





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