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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Five Minute Friday writing prompt link-up! This is the final weekend of summer over at our house in West Michigan before school starts up again on Monday, and I might be a little bit sad about it.

But we write on! 🙂

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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: VIEW



Soccer season has started up for the school year, which means I’m driving my sophomore son to practice every evening and picking him up again afterwards.

And it just so happens that the time his practices ends coincides with the time the sun is about to set in these parts of the world.

On our drive home, we have a long stretch of straight residential road, lined with houses and trees on both sides. Then — when I least expect it — there is a break in the monotonous congestion, and a large expanse of open farmland sprawls out before us on both sides.

And this is where the view stuns me nearly every evening.

The skies have been remarkable lately . . . so pretty I’m tempted to pull off to the side of the road to take a picture.

The sunsets are obscured for the whole drive — until this one point. Inevitably, I say out loud, “Oh wow, look at the sky!”

It reminds me of the view we have to look forward to as believers in Christ. One day we will see the Lord in all His glory as He ushers us into the most perfect place that exceeds all our expectations and assumptions.

Some of us may anticipate its upcoming appearance; for others, it may come unexpectedly. But either way, it will surely take our breath away in the most magnificent way.

Come, Lord Jesus. Show us Your glory.




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Kate Motaung

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  • I've had views of eternity,
    the last, just yesterday,
    and though the calling burns in me,
    I'd fain not go away
    from the life here I've been given,
    from the needs and duties
    that go on each day I'm livin',
    each replete with shining beauties
    with which, by God, I have been gifted
    in profligate acts of grace,
    and thus is battered spirit lifted
    by this time and by this place,
    a magical and lustrous known
    until the hour He takes me home.

  • I used to drive my teen to early morning ROTC activities. How sweet that God gives us these moments of His splendor to share with our teens!

  • I love what you wrote about the view we have to look forward to as believers in Christ. That is a good thought.

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