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This week’s FMF writing prompt link-up is: SPONTANEOUS




I can’t believe she did it. Not only did my 17-year-old daughter persuade me, she also persuaded her dad to let her go to New York City this weekend to see a show that we never thought she’d get tickets to.

Some context . . . My daughter has three great loves in life: Black Panther, Hamilton, and In the Heights.

This past Friday, as she and I were still recovering from COVID, she learned about an upcoming screening of the new Black Panther movie happening in Washington Heights, hosted by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda himself.

And: Tickets were free.

The catch? Tickets became available at 9am Monday morning.

I told her if she actually got tickets (which I did not think would ever happen), I would take her to New York this weekend. It’s only a 12-hour drive one-way. Ha!

Whelp, she got the tickets.

So, we’re packing up the car and trekking across country for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I still can’t quite figure out how I got myself into this, but I’m justifying it by telling myself it’s her senior year and this event will never happen again, and surely we’ll make memories on this crazy, spontaneous mother-daughter trip on a whim.

And ultimately, it’s good for this plan-ahead mama to let loose a little and follow her fun-loving teenager into the wild . . . At least, I hope so! 😉






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