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Welcome to the last Five Minute Friday link-up of September 2022! This month has absolutely flown by, and I based on how full my calendar is for October, I expect the same thing might happen again.

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Our final FMF writing prompt for September is: ROAD



Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO. 

If you’ve been around for the past couple of weeks, you’ll know that I took my daughter on a spontaneous trip from Michigan to New York City two weeks ago. We planned the trip in four days, and drove 24 hours round trip to spend 24 hours in the car. (Crazy, I know.)

Before we left, I was brainstorming creative ways we could pass the time on the road. I thought of audio books, new combined playlists, and even outlining the beginnings of her college application essays. (For the record, when I suggested that she work on her essays while I drove, she complained, “Mo-oommm . . . It’s supposed to be fuunnnnn!”)

(Also for the record: no college applications were written in the duration of the trip.)

My daughter isn’t always super talkative, but when she got in the car on Friday after school so we could commence our trip, the words started flowing. Maybe it was the adrenaline and excitement; maybe it was the fact that one of her teachers got her all riled up with one of their discussion topics at the end of the day.

Whatever the case, for about four-and-a-half out of the five hours it took us to drive from Michigan to Ohio for our first overnight stop, we had some rich, deep, meaningful conversations. For me, these hours talking with my girl were worth the whole trip.






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  • Love that... it's supposed to be FUN!

    The road climbs into shrouded hills,
    the clouds crouch on the greening trees,
    and just the sound of whippoorwills
    carries on the evening breeze.
    I think I have not been this way
    before, and there's no turnabout,
    whatever God may hold in store,
    whatever pride I choose to flout.
    My steps are silent on the earth,
    my breath seems held so fast
    to behold perchance another birth
    far deeper than the last
    which, however, led me here,
    upon this path that holds no fear.

    Five minutes...DING!

    • Oops...the 'before' at the beginning of line six should have been at the end of line five.

      But hey! Five minutes!

  • Amen to that! I love traveling with my girls. Thank you, Father, for blessing me with a good relationship! They teach me so much!

  • What a wonderful experience. A captive audience.
    I think some of my best memories of holidays (and the worst!) have been the traveling.

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