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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: SIMPLE




Confession: I love appreciating the home decor skills and abilities of other people, but decorating my own house is not my spiritual gift. I really enjoy it when it looks pretty, but it doesn’t come naturally to me and to be honest, I struggle to justify spending money on things that I don’t view as “necessities.”

I don’t have totes in my basement filled with seasonal decor that I swap out every three to four months depending on the time of year. It’s always the “same old,” and sometimes it feels a bit stale.

But this year, I saw a tutorial on Instagram showing how to make a simple Christmas centerpiece.

You guys, I actually drove myself to Hobby Lobby and meandered through the store until I pieced together some semblance of the materials needed to replicate the tutorial I watched.

This is what I ended up with, and it is ridiculous how much this tiny blip in my life is bringing me so much joy:








I light the candles almost every night and even some mornings, and I just stare at it whenever I walk past the table.

This centerpiece has been such a reminder to me to appreciate the little things, and to not discount the simple joys and pleasures in life. It doesn’t have to be a five-star vacation to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean to bring us joy (although that does sound nice).

We can find joy in big things and small, in complex wonders and simple pleasures.

What simple thing is bringing you joy this week?






Every year I take a short break from hosting the FMF link-up over the holidays.
I usually take a two-week break, but personal circumstances this year
have made it necessary for me to take a three-week hiatus.

Here is the upcoming schedule for the FMF link-up:

December 16: Last link-up of 2022

December 23: NO link-up

December 30: NO link-up

January 6: NO link-up

January 13: First link-up of 2023


. . . That means next week will be our final link-up of the year.

Thank you for understanding!



I am planning to host another Writing Accountability Group in February, Lord willing.

Tentative dates and times will be Wednesdays and Fridays
in February from 11am-12:30pm EST

Stay tuned for more info!




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