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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: HAVE




Setting a timer for five minutes, and . . . GO. 

It took me years after I got married (and a lot of misunderstanding) to realize that I think I have a bit of a scarcity mindset.

I grew up with a single mom, and while we never went without, things were often tight financially. We were one of the families who were on the “free ham” list at Christmas, the ones who were blessed with anonymous checks for grocery money just at the right time.

My mom worked multiple jobs and sacrificed so much for us and my dad was faithful to pay his child support, but I remember still thinking and feeling like I didn’t have the same things my friends had.

Now that I’m a parent of teens, I fear that my mindset and mentality have seeped through into my kids in some ways as well.

While the Lord has always provided for us and we have an abundance compared to so many in the world, I am often saying no to things they ask for because of money.

On the flip side, I often wonder if their mindset would be different if we had stayed in South Africa instead of moving to the States when they were five, seven, and ten years old. In Cape Town, I gave them oats for breakfast and they said thank you. In America, there are complaints if we don’t have bagels or run out of cereal. Before they landed in America, they didn’t even know what a bagel was.

We may not have everything their friends have, but compared to *so* many around the world, we have *so* much. So, so much.

And most important of all, what I really want them to know in their heart of hearts, is that even when these worldly possessions fade away — which they will — if we have placed our trust and hope in Christ, we will still have Him. And He is truly all we need.





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