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My brother-in-law has been visiting from South Africa this summer, and I took him for his first U-Pick Michigan blueberry picking experience this week. He has some special needs and cognitive disadvantages, but understands much of what is going on around him.

As we picked the ripe blueberries from the bushes in the cool of the summer evening, he asked me, “Kate? They give you money?” In other words, do they pay us for picking these berries?

I had to shake my head and explain, “No, we pay them to let us pick the berries.”

Then my 17-year-old daughter chimed in, “Whoever came up with the idea of U-Pick fruit is genius . . . ‘Let’s get people to harvest our crop for us, then pay us for making them do the work.'”

This whole conversation got me thinking about work, about finding enjoyment from work, and about the reasons people work.

In recent conversations with other friends, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of two different work perspectives: either taking any job offer available with gratitude for the work, or holding out to find something that gives us a personal sense of meaning and fulfillment.

I suppose there are seasons in which each option could be valid — and of course circumstances when the only option is to take the job, love it or hate it.

All of this cast my mind to a recent clip I saw on Instagram from former president Barack Obama, related to an upcoming documentary on work. It was a thought-provoking conversation, and one I’m glad I heard.

Watch the clip on Instagram here.

See the full documentary trailer here.






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