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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: HURRY




Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO.

At my church, we just started a brand new women’s Bible study by Melissa Spoelstra on The Gospel of John. In the first video teaching, Melissa pointed out that in the gospels, we never saw Jesus in a hurry during the account of his earthly ministry. We never read words like, “And then Jesus rushed over here,” or “then he sped over there.”

In fact, when I thought about this, I realized that He didn’t even seem to be in a hurry when He heard that someone was either dying or had died. He just continued to carry out the work that was before Him, then made His way to the place of need (or, in some cases, healed with a word without even being there).

But this observation by Melissa did convict me, because I spend so much of my life in a hurry — usually because I am already late from trying to do one too many things before I get out the door.

But is that the way I really want to live? Rushing from one thing to the next, without necessarily savoring or soaking in the moment, or paying close enough attention to what is right in front of me?

I think not.

As I spend the next few months in the Gospel of John Bible study, one of my prayers is that the Lord would help me to slow my pace and take time to appreciate the present for what it is. That He would teach me to manage my time so I’m not in a hurry from being late, and that I would take a deep breath and ask myself if it’s really worth the rush anyway.

What about you? Do you find yourself often in a hurry, or have you figured out how to let yourself slow down?





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