31 Prayers for Writers

Looking for prayers for writers? If so, I hope this series will be an encouragement to you.

This series of prayers for writers is part of the 2021 edition of the 31-Day Writing Challenge. I think this is my seventh time participating in a 31-day writing challenge in October, and it is always such a fruitful exercise.

I’ve written various blog series over the years, and this year I’ll be posting my series on Instagram for the first time.

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My topic this year is: 31 Prayers for Writers


prayers for writers


While I’m only sharing a snippet of each prayer on Instagram, my plan is to compile the complete version of 31 prayers for writers into a downloadable, printable resource for writers to use as encouragement in their writing lives. Stay tuned!

Here is a clickable Table of Contents with links to each Instagram post during the 31-Day Writing Challenge. Each day includes a prayer for writers; I hope they are a blessing and an encouragement to you!



Day 1 :: Need

Day 2 :: Content

Day 3 :: Peace

Day 4 :: Comfort

Day 5 :: Patient

Day 6 :: Whole

Day 7 :: Encourage

Day 8 :: Complete

Day 9 :: Power

Day 10 :: Establish

Day 11 :: Above

Day 12 :: Everyone

Day 13 :: Redeem

Day 14 :: Toward

Day 15 :: Treasure

Day 16 :: Temporary

Day 17 :: Trust

Day 18 :: Kind

Day 19 :: Effort

Day 20 :: Taste

Day 21 :: Afraid

Day 22 :: Still

Day 23 :: Path

Day 24 :: Always

Day 25 :: Think

Day 26 :: Light

Day 27 :: Gift

Day 28 :: Fail

Day 29 :: Morning

Day 30 :: Equip

Day 31 :: Worthy


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